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Training Load – Not Too Little, Not Too Much But Just Right

By Brent Kirkbride

Training load is simply the amount of work (time or distance) multiplied by the intensity of work (effort level). Rapid rises or excessive amounts of training are primary factors in sport related injuries.
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The Medical Challenges of Qualifying for Rio

By Dr Corey Cunningham, Chief Medical Officer Australian Paralympic Team

As our Aussie athletes earn selection for Rio 2016, their dreams are fulfilled and their training focuses on preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Running with a forefoot strike

Running with a Forefoot Strike

By Emily Smith

How changing up your running technique can improve your experience, and lead to better results.

Do you feel like you are always running into a headwind and you turn up the iPod volume to drown out the pounding on the pavement? It may be that a conditioning program for your posterior and a tweak to your running style could significantly reduce your collision force with the ground, ultimately enhancing your running experience – and your personal best.
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Can a regular massage help you run the distance?

By Anthony Kaleel

Throughout history, running has been regarded as a lifesaving activity. Whether humans ran to escape the clutches of a ferocious predator or in more modern times to catch the bus, we need to be able to run and run well! Luckily for the majority of us, today, we run to improve our health and fitness.
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Running Shoes - the 3 questions we are always asked

By Emily Smith

One of the most common things we podiatrists are asked is, “How do I choose the right runners?” Unfortunately, there is no black & white answer…
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Do Sit Ups Mean A Good Core?

By Kingsley Gibson

Often when people are asked what their current exercise programme is, they respond with “a bit of cardio and some core work”. When questioned further about their core work it usually involves sit ups, push ups, squats, weights and the like. But is this basic routine the key to good core strength?
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