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Emily Smith

B App Sc (Pod)

As a high level hockey player who suffered with 'shin splints' throughout her youth, Emily knows the importance of a practitioner who thinks outside the box and systematically approaches management. Her keen interest in sports podiatry came from her relief with orthotics in managing her shin pain, however wishes she knew then what she knows now about the importance of fundamental conditioning and appropriate training loads.

Having graduated in 2005 from University of Western Sydney, Emily pursued her career in sports podiatry and became a Director of Sydney Sports Medicine Centre in 2008. Her ability to think differently has earned Emily a role with the Wallabies 2011 World Cup squad, the NSW Swifts Netball and Bangarra Dance Theatre as well as a patient base spanning the Australian Defence Force, NSW Police and NSW Institute of Sport. Emily is passionate about helping individuals return to sport from injury efficiently and enjoys consulting with active people who are motivated to return from injury as a better performing athlete.

As a female who loves high heels, Emily has been on a mission to understand the underlying cause of high heel pain since her final year University project. In 2010, Emily made the breakthrough she was searching for, debunking all previous theories of high heel pain and pioneering a contemporary design of high heel insole support.

Read more at: www.emilybraidwood.com
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