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Sydney Sports Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy helps aid recovery and relieve muscle spasm through deep tissue massage, stretches, and a variety of muscular releases. Massage Therapists provide a range of treatments suitable for everyone from the general public through to the elite athlete.

Through the use of hands-on techniques to your muscles, massage aims to increase flexibility and decrease pain.

At Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park, our massage therapists are all highly qualified, are all members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) or Association of Massage Therapists (AMT). Our massage therapists pride themselves in achieving measurable and optimum results in rehabilitating soft tissue injuries as well as assisting in recovery from sporting activity.

In addition, the therapists at Olympic Park also delight in the variety of patients that we treat at SSMC, including those with work and posture related pain and stress. Our therapists are all registered as providers of remedial massage with your private health fund, but please check with your fund to see if you are covered.

  • Anthony Kaleel

    Sports Massage Therapist

    Anthony has worked with Sydney FC during their successful inaugural A-League season, Athletics Australia, Sydney Marathon, Foster Ironman, Australian and NSW Weightlifting Teams, PGA Tour of Australasia and the professional athletes from the Women's Tennis Association.

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    Anthony Kaleel - Sports Massage Therapist
    Sports Massage Therapists
  • Jacqui Gilbert

    Sports Massage Therapist

    Jacqui works with the NSW Swimming and NSWIS swimmers both in competition and training phases. She also treats patients from other sports such as athletics, tennis, soccer, diving, cycling, archery and winter sports, as well as with the NSW Institute of Sport.

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    Jacqui Gilbert - Sports Massage Therapist
    Sports Massage Therapists
  • Deborah Schulstad

    Sports Massage Therapist

    Debbi has been working and traveling to the Olympics with the Australian Track and Field team. She has also worked with other sporting groups including the GWS Giants, the Sydney Kings and the Australian Boomers.

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    Deborah Schulstad - Sports Massage Therapist
    Sports Massage Therapists
  • Carla-Jo Cutrupi

    Sports Massage Therapist

    Carla-Jo uses her background in sport science and thorough knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy to tailor a treatment plan for each patient based on their goals and needs.

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    Sports Massage Therapists
  • Bandoll Pho

    Soft Tissue Therapist

    Bandoll has a wealth of experience treating people from all walks of life. With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, Bandoll has made a smooth transition over to massage therapy through his knowledge of anatomy, movement and injury prevention/management.

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    Sports Massage Therapists
  • Lauren Ramia

    Remedial Massage Therapist

    Lauren’s focus is on preventing injuries and enhancing performance for athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle. Having injuries in the past and been through the rehabilitation process, gives her a thorough appreciation of her client’s desires to be injury free and performing to the best of their ability.

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    Sports Massage Therapists

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