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Podiatrists commonly treat patients with pain or concerns in their feet, ankles, shins or knees including plantar fasciits, heel and arch pain, bunions, Mortons neuroma, stress fractures, shin splints and patello-femoral pain. Such injuries are usually caused by imbalance of the musculo-skeletal system of the feet and lower limb, which lead to overuse, impingement or over-load of vulnerable structures. We will often play a role in management of hip and lower back pathology, depending on contributing biomechanical factors.

We undertake a comprehensive assessment including video analysis of walking, running, and sport specific movements. Treatment by your Podiatrist may include stretching, strengthening, orthotic and footwear prescription, strapping, rest and icing. Orthotics are often prescribed to alleviate pain, improve performance, improve lower limb function, increase shock absorption and in prevention of lower limb injuries or structural changes i.e. bunions.

Please note: The podiatrists at SSMC do not see patients for general foot care needs, such as skin, toenail or dermatological conditions.

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