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Brent Kirkbride

M App Sc (Sports Physio), B App Sc (Physio)

Brent Kirkbride is an experienced APA titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist being a partner at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Olympic Park since 1998. He has been the NSW Institute of Sport Physiotherapy Consultant for the past six years, working with the state’s top 750 elite athletes, coaches and managers. He has been the Medical Coordinator for Athletics Australia since 2001and a previous member of the NSW Sports Physiotherapy group committee.

Brent has had extensive experience with elite national teams in a variety of sports. He has been physiotherapist with the Australian Athletics team since 1996 being head physiotherapist since 2001. He has traveled extensively with the Australian Swim team and also the National Men’s and Women’s Water Polo teams. At the state level he has been involved with Athletics, Swimming, Weightlifting, Diving and Water Polo teams. Brent also worked as a physiotherapist with the Sydney Kings, Sydney Panthers Basketball, West Harbour Rugby Union and GWS AFL.

Brent has been to over 5 Athletics World Championships, 2 Aquatic World Championships, 2 Pan Pacific Championships, Olympics Games 2000 - 2012 Commonwealth Games 1998, 2002 and 2006 as a physiotherapist.

Brent is currently working as the Injury Management and Rehab Co-Ordinator for Athletics Australia, as well as Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator for NSW Institute of Sport Wheelchair Basketball and Water Polo athletes.

Brent has a keen interest in biomechanics and its relation to injuries, rehabilitation and return to sport and/or work. As a result of his work with aquatic sports he has developed a particular interest in shoulder problems as well as lower limb / pelvic overuse injuries especially tendonitis. He also is undertaking some research into injuries of the hip and groin. He enjoys participating in anything aquatic especially surfing.

Brent has lectured extensively to Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Coaches and Athletes on a variety of topics relating to injuries and effective management. He has been involved in studies that have been published in international medical journals and is the student supervisor for physiotherapy clinical placements at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre from a variety of universities both in Australia and overseas.

Brent works full time at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and is passionate about providing the highest quality of care for all patients This ensures Sydney Sports Medicine centre maintains its reputation as one of the premier centres for effective management of all types of musculoskeletal injuries in NSW.

Brent Kirkbride - Physiotherapist

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