Physical activity: The cheapest poly-pill on the market

by Dr Brandi Cole

Exercise is Medicine

Physical inactivity is a major modifiable cause of disease burden world wide, yet 60% of Australians don’t meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. It’s a commonly known fact that obesity is a risk factor for death and disease, however what most people don’t realise is that being unfit can actually lead to a greater risk of death than being fat. Read More…

So you think you have a food intolerance?

by Nicole Dynan

Some people have mild reactions to food that are not as severe as allergic reactions but can still cause pain or discomfort. These symptoms are collectively called ‘Food Intolerances’. They can appear in the skin (e.g. rashes, itchiness, eczema, hives or swelling), the gut (e.g. pain, wind, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux or nausea), the airways (e.g. asthma like symptoms, nasal congestion, shortness of breath), the central nervous system (headaches, migraines or painful joints) or can be a general feeling of being unwell.

Food intolerances can come on at any time in life and may not last forever. They may be triggered by something like a stomach bug or just appear with no apparent cause. Read More…

Beware When Buying New Running Shoes

by Philip Perry

Do you know the difference between technical sports shoes & lifestyle sports shoes?

A lot of people are currently into active wear as their choice of casual attire. This extends to footwear & sports shoe companies are responding through the range of “lifestyle” footwear.

Now these are all fun shoes, but can provide poor choices if you are after a technical shoe for training. Read More…

What is Sport Psychology and how will it assist my performance?

by Paul Penna

It is easy to be “good” at least once or twice every year, but what about every day? Or better still, what about when you are under maximum pressure, trailing on the scoreboard with the game clock running down? Read More…

Sugars in the Australian Diet... Not so Sweet!

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By Nicole Dynan

Did you know that the average Australian consumes 27 teaspoons of total sugars (added and naturally occurring sugar) per day? The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation for sugar intake is less than 10% of our total daily energy intake or approximately 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for normal weight adults. Read More…