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Holly Edstein


Holly Edstein is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Sports Dietitian (AccSD). More than anything, she has a love for food and loves the process of eating. She believes that everyone has the capacity to love food and the eating process, regardless of his or her clinical condition/s or personal health goals. This is one of her greatest aims in her work as a dietitian.

Even as a teenager, Holly has always been interested in nutrition. With a heavy involvement in an array of sports growing up (swimming, athletics, cross-country, netball, soccer, touch football, softball and water polo), she found herself intrigued as to how what she ate could impact her performance.

Through her experiences in sport both personally and professionally, Holly has learnt just how powerful nutrition and the way we eat is in its capacity to enhance lives. Whether that is by improving sports performance for athletes, weight management, reducing symptoms/recovering from clinical conditions, or creating a positive relationship with food, the flow-on effects into the rest of our lives can be immense. Holly is passionate about facilitating these advances for her clients.

Holly Edstein -  Dietitian APD

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