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Common Injuries and Rehab Exercises for Gymnasts

Dr Scott Burne

Sprained (Rolled) Ankle -> ligament tear

  • Because of the force often associated, it is very common for there to be double ligament injuries (usually involving the main two lateral ligaments: anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligament). Double ligament injuries do take longer to heal depending on the grade of the tear.
  • Essential to get the rehab correct to ensure further ankle ligament tears are minimised as much as possible.
  • Rehab:
    • Proprioception: wobble board, s/l balance/squat control, incorporating hand/eye coordination (particularly for ball sports) i.e. standing on one leg and throwing ball against wall (also specific to gymnastics regaining single leg control)
    • Strength: calf rises, single leg hops
    • Stretching to restore range of motion
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Hamstring tears

  • Commonly due to over stretching / end of range ballistic pull during running
  • Rehab:
    • Icing for 3-6 days depending on severity, compression bandage
    • Bridging – helps to coordinate gluteal and hamstring activation once pain free
    • Single leg mini dead lift/ arabesque (towards end of rehab)
    • Gluteal function /strength work– to have a strong base down the kinetic chain
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Low back pain

  • Stress fractures that could lead to spondylolisthesis if left untreated
  • Common in gymnasts and other sports involving repeated extension ie. cricket bowling, high jumping due to their spinal position – lumbar lordosis in conjunction with control issues over the spine
  • If pain presents on extension – limit extension based activities until symptoms settle
  • A scan may be appropriate to confirm the diagnosis
  • Rehab:
    • Pilates based exercises working on deeper muscles to control the skeleton, strengthen lower back muscles towards the end of the rehab once symptoms have settled
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