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Melanie Tri - Physiotherapist

Melanie Tri
Melanie is a NSW Institute of Sport Physiotherapy Provider and Physiotherapy Coordinator for Hockey and Netball programs. She has worked with a variety of sports including Rugby Union 7’s & XV’s, Rugby League, AFL, GAA, Hockey, Netball, and Gymnastics varying from club, national, and international level.

She was the physiotherapist for a number of teams including: The Australian Junior Men’s Hockey Team, Canada Raven’s Rugby League, Hockey NSW Waratahs & Arrows, Netball NSW, Gymnastics NSW, and with NSW Women’s Rugby in the Super W competition.

Melanie is a Canadian born, Australian trained physiotherapist with a particular interest in sports, long term athlete development, and functional rehabilitation. She is an advocate for gender equality in sport, by constantly promoting access to sport therapy in female sports and engaging others to be a catalyst for positive change. She has been playing rugby union for over 10 years and has played at the university and club level, with Championship wins in 2015 and 2016 while playing for The Sydney University Women’s Rugby Club.

Melanie’s in clinic service approach is hands-on and movement focused. She individualises treatment plans suitable for all ages and activity levels through the use of: soft tissue and myo-fascial releases, joint mobilisations or manipulations, dry needling, muscle energy techniques, movement pattern corrections, and exercise programs.

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