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Sydney Sports Medicine Centre run Group Exercise Classes to help you maintain strength, fitness and health, and kickstart your return to sport and training.

These sessions will be offered as a small group format in our newly refurbished gym area (with the option to join online) and presented by our APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Vanessa Alvaro. Read on to find out which class is most suitable for you to achieve your goals!

Class offerings:

1. Core Strength and Functional Exercise

Designed for individuals who would like to improve their core muscle strength, pelvic stability, spinal mobility, posture, muscle patterning and breath control. These classes will cover all of the components that are often missed with traditional aerobic and resistance training, ensuring a well-rounded approach to physical activity or acting as preparation for more high impact training. Vanessa will guide particpaints through a series of exercises focusing on mobility, muscle activation and sequencing, trunk control, pelvic stability and recovery techniques. Equipment, such as resistance bands, foam rollers, exercise balls and trigger release balls will be utilised.

Core Strength and Functional Exercise group classes
Core Strength and Functional Exercise group classes

2. General Conditioning

Designed for participants seeking to improve their muscle strength, balance, muscle and joint flexibility, general well-being and posture in a safe and supervised setting, with the added benefit of healthy social interaction. These classes can also be tailored to your unique needs and goals, such as weight management or pain reduction. Modifications to each exercise will be offered to ensure the classes are inclusive of all abilities. Although low impact, resistance in the form of light weights and exercise bands will also be incorporated for added challenge.

General conditioning group classes
General conditioning group classes

Pre-class assessment

It may be appropriate for you to have an initial consultation with one of our Physiotherapists to ensure your suitability. If you:

  • Are recovering from recent surgery or trauma
  • Have a co-existing medical condition (ie. cardiac, blood pressure, diabetes, lung, cancer, neurological, osteoporosis)
  • Pregnant (requires clearance letter from GP or Obstetrician)
  • Or have any other concerns or questions regarding your ability to participate
Then you must receive a clearance from your Physiotherapist (if currently having treatment) or book in for a short (15-30 min) initial pre-exercise consultation, either face to face or via Telehealth, prior to commencing these exercise sessions.

What are the details?

Each class will be of 60 minutes duration and have a maximum of 6 participants, to ensure you receive personalised attention. These small group classes will be offered as an ongoing weekly program at a rate of $25/session, with the flexibility to come when it suits you. Additionally, 6-week packages can be purchased at the discounted rate of just $20/session as an incentive for our valued clients to maintain or improve their health and well-being. The option to join one of these classes virtually, via a Zoom platform, is also available.

Monday 6pm: Core strength and Functional Exercise
Tuesday 1pm: General conditioning

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