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Dr Khashayar 'Kashi' Heidari


Kashi offers focused and targeted soft-tissue release (myotherapy) and precise and specific chiropractic joint adjustments. His customised care strategies deliver rapid and lasting pain relief, empowering his patients to lead strong, pain-free lives.

Kashi's expertise centres on relieving neck, shoulder, and back pain, particularly stemming from sports-related injuries in martial arts, strength training, dance, and competitive sports. He combines time-tested traditions with contemporary evidence-based techniques to swiftly alleviate pain, frequently achieving results within a few treatment sessions.

His passions encompass sharing Persian Yoga, being a devoted father and being of service to others. Nature, music and poetry, literature, cooking, and cherished companionship are my additional sources of enjoyment.

Visit Kashi for a consultation and action plan for overcoming your pain, returning to doing what you love stronger and healthier than ever.

Dr Khashayar 'Kashi' Heidari - Chiropractor

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