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Dr Adam Gavine

BHK, M.Chiro

Adam is a chiropractor having completed two university degrees. Adam has advanced training in a soft tissue technique called Active Release Techniques® (ART), he is one of the most experienced full body certified ART providers in Australia. ART is an extremely effective soft tissue treatment that is very popular in North America, particularly with professional athletes due to its immediate and lasting results.

Adam is a certified member and specialist instructor of the Swiss DolorClast® Academy, and has presented Shockwave therapy workshops internationally. He is the current research officer for AICE (Australian Institute of Chiropractic Education). He has experience working for one of Australia’s top orthopaedic surgeons - Dr Munjed Al-Muderis in his rehabilitation clinic in Bella Vista. Adam dealt with difficult hip and knee surgical cases and served as a specialist adviser in the assessment of leg amputees’ viability undergo osteointegration – a surgical procedure where the amputee receives a robotic leg. Adam is also a published author, having co-authored a book on back pain published by Allen & Unwin in 2014 titled ‘Back Pain: how to build core stability for long-lasting relief.’

Growing up Adam played many sports: ice hockey, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, cross country running, and athletics. Adam competed as a multi-event track and field athlete for ten years. During that time, Adam represented Canada as a junior in the decathlon (10 track and field events done over two days) and was provincial inter-university champion in the pentathlon.

Adam is the director and head sports chiropractor at Back to Function in Mona Vale and North Avoca. He is a current Master of Research student at the University of Sydney. He is also continually attending seminars and workshops to upgrade his skills and knowledge. Adam is deeply passionate about health and helping his patients achieve and maintain active healthy lives. His ethos is: “Treat the Cause, not the symptom” which is an approach he utilises with great success with his patients.

Dr Adam Gavine - Chiropractor

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