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There are many reasons why Pilates is effective in rehabilitation and strengthening and there are many different styles and forms of Pilates. One of the key reasons why Pilates is popular for injury rehabilitation and sports specific stability and range of motion work, is that Pilates offers a cost effective individualised training regime to address imbalances in your body.  Regular Pilates sessions complement your other activities and sports and can be tailored to your level from novice to advanced. 

In our introductory private sessions, we will address key principles of Pilates such as the core (upper, middle and lower - or shoulder girdle, torso and hips), precision, flow, breathing and more. Our beginner courses are designed to teach you great alignment and awareness step-by-step while learning about your own body’s patterns and needs. A successful Pilates session can be measured not just by the oft-quoted lengthened, aligned feel that clients comment on, but also the body awareness, focus and mindfulness generated from session to session. 

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