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While we all watched the highs and lows of the Olympics from the comfort of our arm chairs, four practitioners from Sydney Sports Medicine Centre felt the ecstasy and agony of our athletes from the sidelines in London.

Dr Donald Kuah (Deputy Head of Medicine – Headquarters), Brent Kirkbride (Head Physiotherapist – Track and Field) and Kingsley Gibson (Sports Physiotherapist – Headquarters) made London their 4th Olympic appearance, while Georgette Stephens (Soft Tissue Therapist – Rowing and Headquarters) counts London as her first.

While Sydney 2000 set a standard that others have been trying emulate ever since, Kingsley Gibson was very impressed at the organisation of the London games, and believes the friendliness shown by the Londoners matched one of the key ingredients that made Sydney such a success.

The venues, transport and accommodation were all 1st class, and with the high quality of the Wi Fi throughout the village, it made contact home for all athletes and officials extremely easy.

We were all in awe of the achievements by the athletes in London, but did you know about their “achievements” in the Village?

  • 25,000 loaves of bread were consumed, as were;
  • 232 tonnes of potatoes;
  • Over 82 tonnes of seafood;
  • 31 tonnes of poultry items;
  • Over 100 tonnes of meat;
  • 75,000 litres of milk;
  • 19 tonnes of eggs;
  • 21 tonnes of cheese;
  • Over 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables
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